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Sandy Gaskins
BA Hons (Psychol),M.A.Couns,PIP-PIN (Dip),CPsychol,Csci,CQSW,NNEB,EWI,AFBPsS
Chartered Psychologist,  Chartered Scientist,  Registered Social worker
Accredited Expert Witness (Family Certificate)
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Cognitive Assessments: Psychologist administered IQ test.
Age Range 6 years 6 months - 90 years.

Sandy uses the Wechsler intelligence tests (WAIS IV,  WISC IV, WASI), These are the most widely used intelligence assessments  and among the most widely used neuro Psychological assessments. They are  far more complete than free tests that can be undertaken on the  Internet, as they test a variety of complete skills. Wechsler believed  intelligence is multifaceted and so any test of intelligence must  reflect this. The WAIS and WISC take approximately 90 mins to administer  and the analysis provides and overall full scale IQ and sub tests  results indicating strengths and Weaknesses.

Mental Capacity.
Mental Capacity certificates can be provided after Wechsler IV assessments and interview, in order to assess an individuals capacity  to understand court proceeding, and instruct their legal representative.

Dyslexia Screening Tests.

SGA offer specialist  assessments for individuals of any age who feel that they or their child  are not progressing as well as they might and who would like to know  where their difficulties lie and how they can be supported to enable  them to learn and achieve in order to maximize their full potential.
Dyslexia screening will give  a clear indication of whether the difficulties are dyslexia type and  indicate the specific areas of difficulty.
The tests used comply to the SpLD Working Group guidelines (Revised September 2013) for students seeking Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs).  
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